18 Nov, 2020

Testimonials Matter! Here's What you Should Consider

You’d be surprised to discover how much weight a client comment can hold with a builder’s reputation… Talk to their previous clients and ask plenty of questions about how they felt ...

11 Nov, 2020

How To Avoid Unexpected Budget Blowouts with your Project

One of the number one heartaches homeowners can face in the building process is unexpected budget blowouts… Not only does this cause financial stress and build delays, but it also means compro ...

4 Nov, 2020

Why Work with a Well-Managed Building Team?

Your builder is just as strong as the team that supports them…that is why it’s so essential to work with a builder who can manage a solid team. Teams that are highly experienced and hav ...

28 Oct, 2020

The Dream Team that is a Builder & Architect

There’s a certain magic that comes with working alongside an architect AND a builder… Engage your builder to work with your architect or designer to advise what’s going to be possible ...

21 Oct, 2020

Hiring an Architect: What to Consider

Just like hiring a reputable builder, you should also do the same for an architect. Reputable, experienced architects and designers know what council needs and how to deliver it to them in order to ...

14 Oct, 2020

How to Protect your Home Investment

An investment in a home is a big one…so it’s always a good idea to protect it. In the competitive marketplace that is the building industry, you want to make sure your builder, taking ca ...

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