13 May, 2020

Don't forget about your Builder!

Architects and designers are incredibly talented at mapping out the blueprint for your home, but here’s what’s missing ⬇️… You will also need to know how to approach your counc ...

6 May, 2020

Why Involve your Builder

Working on your design with a designer or architect is great – but here’s what you could do to save more time and money during the process ⬇️… Architects and designers are fantasti ...

29 Apr, 2020

It takes a Village – Here's Why...

It really does take a village to create a home like this one ☝️… While you may be working with one building company, chances are, they’ll probably utilise the help of subcontractors ...

22 Apr, 2020

Staying within Budget, our Tip

Budget blowouts are a pain – but the good news is, they can be easily avoidable. Want to know how? Here’s our tip ⬇️. Make sure you have all the information you need before beginning the ...

15 Apr, 2020

Articulating your Vision to your Builder

“I want it to be timeless, classic, sleek!” ⬅️ We hear this often from our clients, but truthfully, it may not be specific enough to achieve the results you want. Be very clear about ...

8 Apr, 2020

Why Approach Previous Clients?

With so many builders out there in the market, how can you choose the right one for your project? Sometimes, the best way of knowing is not by talking to the builder themselves, but their CLIENTS ins ...

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