15 Sep, 2019

Ensuring that your home is Unique to YOU

We understand the importance of ensuring that the features of your home are unique to YOU. Any changes you would like to make at any stage of the project are your choice, and we’d be happy to si ...

11 Nov, 2018

Redesigning any Room

We can transform the look and feel of any room, regardless of size.  This room allows simple and basic functionality while the installation of large windows gives enough natural light to create a ca ...

11 Nov, 2018

Stay within your Budget

Worried about the size of your budget to complete your work?Home renovations, extensions, and builds should not be limited to the size of your budget. In order to ensure that you remain confident in ...

11 Nov, 2018

Home Renovations: Functionality & Design

Make the most out of your living space by infusing functionality and design! We renovated the existing kitchen layout, and redesigned it to bring the family together, while also making it super fun ...

11 Nov, 2018

Recipe for the Perfect Home

The perfect home should possess beauty from the inside and out. Not only should the living space have good design, but it should also be functional for all members of the family. We have the exper ...

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