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Home Re-Cladding Davy Construction
Davy Construction Home Re-Cladding


Contemporary recladding is the perfect fit for homes that have a tired or dated façade. If your home was build during the leaky homes era it may also suffer from the perception that there may be water-tight issues, immediately devaluing your home.

If your home is leaky, then recladding is the best solution. Our expert team have been recladding local homes for many years now and have seen first-hand the structural damage incurred. Stop any further damage from occurring while simultaneously giving your home a modern facelift.


Friendly and approachable, we would be thrilled to meet and discuss your building needs. Even if you feel that you’re not quite ready, call us to step through your ideas so that we can provide you with guidance on design, budget and timelines. To get the most out of our initial consultation you can bring the following:

  • Any photos or drawings that reflect your ideas.
  • Details of fixtures and fittings you would like installed.
  • Rough approximations on budget/finance.


    To demonstrate our integrity, trade excellence, personalised service and friendly approach every day with each of our treasured clients. We endeavour to exceed all client expectations by delivering a product which reflects the pinnacle of cutting-edge quality.


    Let us set your mind at ease with our Certified Builders Guarantee. Our absolute confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship is underwritten by this exceptional guarantee. We build to the highest industry standards, but if there is ever an issue, know that your remedial work will be our highest priority.


    Boasting more than 80 years of industry experience, our committed team seamlessly partners with leading sub-contractors and suppliers to provide our clients with a fresh, focused approach to any size of project.