Putting Detail in the Plans: Why it Matters

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Making adjustments to your build is rare, but can happen if you haven’t fully planned your project in detail 💥! Not only does this mean potential delays, but with time = money, you’re looking at risking blowing your budget on changes and adjustments. That is why it’s so essential to have ALL the information you need on hand before the construction process starts. Work with your builder to fully understand your plans and talk to the right people about other elements of your build, like lighting, layouts, kitchen design, choice of fittings etc.. By taking this proactive measure, you are reducing the likelihood that you’ll need to make any adjustments to your build during the construction process. A fixed price contract can itemise every cost detail – a reputable builder should be able to communicate all the details with you seamlessly to reduce confusion. For more tips on achieving a successful build, download our eBook ~ “7 Essential Things to Consider when Planning your Custom Home” - https://go.rt-d.com/7-things-custom-home.

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